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Teamspeak Interface 1.0.13


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DW Web-Engineering

File Size:6.55MB
Category:Web Development :: Site Administration
Platforms:Windows | Mac OS X | Linux/Unix
Downloads:total 22, lastweek 0, lastday 0


Description: Multi-functional web interface, including installer, for managing Teamspeak 3 instances, based on the TeamSpeak 3 PHP Framework with role and user management to customize and customize the UI for customers, co-administrators or other groups.

System requirements (minimum / recommended)

Basically, the TSI runs on Linux as well as Windows-based servers. However, my recommendation is Ubuntu from version 14.04.5 LTS.

- CPU 2 cores / 4 cores

- RAM 128/512 MB

- Memory HDD / SSD

- PHP 7.0

- MySQLi 5.0 ^

- Max Execution Time 30/60 seconds

- Max Input Time 60/120 seconds

- Post Max Size 8/16 MB

- Upload Max Filesize 8/16 MB

- Allow Url Fopen

- Safe Mode Off

- File uploads

- PHP Extension Zip

- PHP Extension Curl

- PHP Extension Zlib

- PHP Extension BC Math

- PHP Extension XML

- Browser: Mozilla Firefox from version 58.0.1 (64-bit) / Google Chrome from version 63.0.3239.132 (official build) (64-bit)

- Screen resolution: 1768x992 / 1920x1080

- Internet access required

Recent Changes: - New installations of the TSI Main System can now be tested for a period of time without a valid license. The period may vary from time to time and is determined by the license server individually - The license validation system has been optimized

Install Support: Install Only

Supported Languages: English, German

Additional Requirements: PHP 7.0, MySQLi 5.0