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Air Travel Toolkit - USA 2


$12.00 Buy now


File Size:1.82MB
Category:Education :: Reference Tools
Platforms:WinXP, WinVista x32/x64, Win7 x32/x64
Downloads:total 6, lastweek 0, lastday 0


Description: Air Travel Toolkit - USA includes all of the tools necessary for the airline passenger and Travel Agent to be informed. Includes an Airline Ticket Tutorial, the only one of it's kind. Written by professional airline employees with over 80 years experience in the industry.


Air Mileage Calculator - calculate air mileage for every city pair in the United States

Over 170 Alternate Airports listed - never get stranded again, fly to an alternate for lower fares

Airport Finder - Locate the nearest airport for more than 10,400 US Cities

Contract of Carriage - What you never legally knew about air travel in the US

Airline Ticket Tutorial - Know what is on your ticket. Tickets ARE money.

For the Travel Agent - learn how to write an airline ticket in the format recognized by IATA carriers.

Airline Glossary

24 hour clock

More than 560 3 letter airport codes

Install Support: Install and Uninstall

Supported Languages: English

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